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Blackfoot Daisy


        ABOUT US


Don Sechelski- guitar, vocals, songwriting. Don has been writing and performing music in the Atlanta area for over 30 years. From Atlanta to New Orleans to Chicago and back to Atlanta still chasing the buffalo.

Wendy DuMond-guitar, vocals, songwriting. Wendy has the soul of a poet and the vision of an artist. From Montana, through Oklahoma, up to New York, and back to Atlanta, she follows the Bucking Horse Moon.

Jim Kirkland-fiddle, mandolin, flute. Jim has the train whistle in his soul and jazz in his fingertips.

Blackfoot daisies are hearty wild flowers that grow on the prairies of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. You can find them growing naturally in the Texas Blackland prairie, which runs from the Red River to the Texas-Oklahoma border. The band is a humble trio (sometimes duo) that plays original, Americana style music. We are based in the Atlanta metro area. We are a little haunted by the prairie, the wind, the shifting of tall grasses, the sound of crickets, and a lonesome train whistle drifting through the night.


“I admit I was very envious each year when colleagues werenamed to The Best Lawyers in Virginia. I am thrilled to now have this singular honor among the rest.”



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Upcoming Shows

April 20      Common Grounds

                    Roswell, GA

                   7:30 PM

May 25       Wallers Coffeeshop

                   Decatur, GA

                   7:00 PM

May 26      Reformation Brewery

                   Woodstock, GA

                   7:00 PM

Aug 10       Pine Lake Lounge

                   Pine Lake, GA

                   7:00 PM

Aug 31       Unicoi State Park

                   Helen, GA

                   8:00 PM

Sept 21       Fiddler's Green

                   Atlanta, GA

                   7:30 PM

Nov 9         Lena's Place

                   Atlanta, GA

                   8:00 PM

















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