Blackfoot Daisy CD released 10/01/2020


Self titled, "Blackfoot Daisy", the CD contains 10 original songs performed by Blackfoot Daisy.  All songs were written by Wendy DuMond and/or Don Sechelski.  Reviewer Jon Wright reacted to Petals, a song on the CD, "Listeners who enjoy strong explorations of the fullness of the Americana sound will find Petals to be an eclectic but fully cohesive listening experience!  Blackfoot Daisy delivers the tune with an air of sincerity, weaving a sound that endears as well as it immerses - taking listeners on an artfully designed and masterfully manifested journey through the sonic world of Petals." Another song from the album garnered this reaction, "Blackfoot Daisy's sound is organic and authentic - and their original song Beauty And Her Beast combines gorgeously evocative lyricism with traditional Folk and Americana instrumentation to produce a song that's as emotionally engaging as it is carefully crafted."

Blackfoot Daisy is available for streaming on all major platforms including Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio,  Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, and many more. You can purchase and download individual tunes or the entire album on our BandCamp site.